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MS Windows NT/95 exploits

broker.c - Dumb Broker FTP server DoS attack

brokeruc.c - Unix port of Dumb Broker FTP server DoS attack

Die Mirc 5.7 - Some mirc 5.7 exploits

Exploiting Windows NT 4 Buffer Overruns - a study

IE Forms Crash - Crash IE with some forms code

IGMP attack (binary) - a port of the IGMP attack on windows to windows - Visual Studio Binary

IGMP attack (binary) - a port of the IGMP attack on windows to windows - Lcc-Win32 Binary

IGMP attack (Windows Source) - This is a port of the IGMP attack on windows to windows

IIS 3.x / 4.x DoS - A rewrite of the eEye NT attack for UNIX

iis-ftp.c - simple proof of concept program for the IIS Remote FTP DoS Attack

itrac - source code/exploits for the newest attacks for Windows NT/95, Unix systems, security advisories, discussion

Mass Class C IGMP nukeing - I haven't seen this before so I decided why not as this shows how quickly an attack can be launched.

MICROSHIT EXPLOITS - diery v systeme NT

Microsoft Frontpage extensions exploits - horrible security holes in the Microsoft Frontpage extensions

nt.iis.odbc.vba.txt - Security holes in Windows NT MS Jet database engine and Microsoft IIS ODBC allow remote attacker to gain full system access. Detailed exploit description included.

Password Generator - Not really an exploit but good for security

Pirch98 - Pirch 98 ident/fserv exploit

RDS exploit - explanation

Schoolbus - Anti Netbus (freezes 1.7 client)

Security Advisories by Mnemonix - for Windows NT

SMB Downgrade Attacker - Fake SMB server which tries a dialect downgrade to get plaintext passwords from remote users.

Spaghetti Proxy Server DoS - Standard DoS attack

Windows 9x IGMP DoS - IGMP fragmentation bug causes 9x boxes to bluescreen.


Windows OS related tools Advanced Password Generator - application designed to generate passwords of any length and character content

DelGuest - DelGuest deletes the built-in Guest account in Windows NT. This account is supposed to be impossible to delete, and it is impossible to delete through the ordinary user interface, but with DelGuest you can do it.

diskmon - monitors processing activity on a disk drive, showing the process information, the process causing the process, the time of the activity, etc. you can minimize this to the system tray and the icon will be green when nothing is processing, and it turns red when activity is present. for windows nt/2k only.

file protector 1.55 - . can make your files unrenameable, unreadable, undeleteable, unexecutable, unmodifiable and more...

FileMon - A visual program that monitors every single file access, keeping it all in neat little records. Filtering/Limiting output options included. Freeware.

filemon 4.28 - 10 displays all file system activity: the time it took place, the process that caused the activity, the request, the path of the file effected, and more ...