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Mobile.Box.Sk - ultimate resource for cellular / mobile hacking. Tools, mobile secrets, tons of downloads!
PhoneTap's Lab - telephony, phreaking, US west manuals, tempest monitoring, bugs, phonetapping, link library
aussie phone brotherhood - Here you will find the ravings of several lads who have an obscene fascination with phones.
Banpaia - a group of people working on investigate the security blaws of the Cellular Communication Systems around the world, all the Banpaia work is free and the Team do not try to create legal/civil/economical damage to the cellular companies/providers/vendors.
Digital Information Society - underground archives and information, live audio broadcast
FDC - phreak cult, providing many box plans, downloads)
hackHull - H/P/V/A/C throughout Humberside and beyond...
History of Cap'n Crunch - history of one of the original phone phreakers
hybrid - in-depth files written by hybrid, concerning telecommunications systems, and structures
Long Distance Carrier (IXC) access codes - list
Man Eats Dog - UK phreaking info, switches, security
ModemFinder - a wardialer for Windows
National Telco Opposition Party - phreaking box files, celular files, ideas, projects
Northern Arizona Phreaks United - Phreaking info for N. Arizonan Phreaks, Scans, Arizona Info, Numbers.. etc
Phone Phreaking - a huge archive of phreaking textfiles.
Phone Phun Crew Headquarters - phreaking group that composes some of their own texts and updates on new telecommunications exploits
Phone Punx Network - home of Phone Punx Magazine and the Alt.Phreaking FAQ
Phone Rangers - a site dealing with phreaking
Phreak zone - [polish lang. only] phreaking site - texts, tools, links - dedicated to phreaking
PLA - phone losers of america, info about red boxing, phreaking zine issues archive
Sentinel's Exploits - large archive of issues for UK Phreaking
Tel$tra - Australian, Aussie phreaking, what Telstra does not want you to know
Telcoswitch Information Network - Information about the german Telephonescene
The Web Page You Have Reached - Telephone sounds and recordings. Including some box tones and obscure telephone recordings.
theone_uk - Phreaking related material, UK specific.
U phrea K - UK phreaking news and files
United Phreaks Syndicate - phreaking, trojan problematics, articles, file archive, news, cool stuff - place to find information about mexican electronic telephone cards (256 bit telecards) . diagrams, emulators, info, specs.