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Cellular phone / GSM

Mobile.Box.Sk - ultimate resource for cellular / mobile hacking. Tools, mobile secrets, tons of downloads
Cell Fusion - security code generators, utilities for Nokia 3110/6110/8110, Ericsson, Motorola, Philips, Siemens and Sony
CELLINFO - for scanner user
Cellphones ESN converter - by Elf Qrin - Online tool to convert ESN (Electronic Serial Number). The ESN is a serial number assigned to any cellular phone number to make it virtually impossible to clone. - many things about cellphone modifying and reprogramming
Cellular Manager v1.00 -
Cellular telephones forum - alt.cellular - discussions
Cellular/pager phreaking tools - Tools for phreaking cellular phones (mostly AMPS/DAMPS) and pagers.
Ericsson 3xx EEPROM Unlocker - utility
Ericsson 6XX / 7XX Flash programmer - utility
Ericsson Simlock Remover v1.0 - an utility
Ericsson T28 and A1018 EEPROM Flasher 1.0 - the EEPROM tool
Ericsson TXX SP Unlocker - utility
ESN v3.3
GSM - products - tips, info, programs, schemes, downloads
GSM 6111 - gsm software tester
GSM Center - romanian site about GSM
GSM Factory - french-only GSM site - news, tools, info
gsm hacking - unlock your phone
GSM Info Page - codes, cables, logos, software, ringtones, links
GSM-Forum - discussions)
GSM4All unlock board - forum
Mister GSM - related info, news, codes, software
Mobile Phones - about mobile phones, GSM-900 only, RUSSIAN language...- codes, commands, patches
NiceGrab II R.1 -
Nokia 5110 - tips&tricks, downloads, info
Nokia LogoManager v1.1b4 - an utility
Paul's Domain - GSM secrets + Nokia, Ericsson and other branded mobile phone stuff
Radio Telephony by Oblivion - cellular telephone programming information, monitoring cellular system data streams, GSM, tutorials
Romanian GSM Cell Phones - about GSM phones and networks in Romania : Codes, Hacks, Pictures, TopGsm ... [warning: romanian language only]

Romulan GSM / Nokia 6150 page - Information about the GSM system and tips about the Nokia 6150 (codes, how to build a cable, and more)
Romulan pagina GSM / Nokia 6150 (Italian version) - Information about the GSM system and tips about the Nokia 6150 (codes, how to build a cable, and more)
Send free SMS message to GSM mobile cellular phones. - Currently works with Italian cellphones only.
SIEMENS GSM phone Flash EEPROM extractor - If u need to grab the whole firmware from your phone (backuping/unlocking), do use this tool.
sinister electronics - cellular cloning equipment

Snarfware v0.9