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Password crackers

Bokler's guide to cracker software - news, tips, links, password cracking software list
Key Recovery Utilities and Resources - password cracking software reviews, links to cryptanalysis tools and lessons, key recovery tools
Russian Password Crackers - page is dedicated to cryptography weakness demonstration, for not only Russian proggies. Crackers for apps like Office, files for Access, Word, Excel.. bios crackers and more..
Access97 - Gets password for Access 97 Databases
Accessdata - Password Recovery Software - Back doors to some popular programs as well as other cryptographic related material.
Advanced ARJ Password Recovery - could be used to recover your lost password for ARJ archive. Free 30-day trial.
Advanced Word 97 Password Recovery - a 32-bit Windows application which can help you to recover the lost password for Microsoft Word 97 document file. The program supports the brute-force and dictionary-based attacks and is fully customizable.
Advanced ZIP Password Recovery - able to recover your lost password for ZIP archive. Free 30-days trial.
AIM Recover - Recovers saved Aol Instant Messager Passwords. + required dll
ASFRecorder homepage - Download copyrighted content in WindowsMedia format (ASF/ASX).
ASFRecorder download - Download copyrighted content in WindowsMedia format (ASF/ASX).
bpftp.c - reads and decrypts entries from bpftp.dat
Break Arj - .ARJ - Cracker
Break Zip - .ZIP - Cracker
BreakARJ - Instantly retrieves ARJ passwords. No need for brute force
Brutus - Internet cracker
Brutus - Remote Password Cracker - Home of Brutus, the remote password cracker. Handles HTTP, Telnet, POP3, SMB, FTP plus many user created authentication types.
cain 1.0 beta - cracks local stored pw and cached files
Crack Master version 2.5 - Protection & Password removal for you favorite games and programs. (shareware program)
cRARk v. 1.5 - RAR password cracker
cRARk v. 2.0 - RAR password cracker
CuteFTP PW Cracker - FIRE-FTP is a decrypter for all passwords stored by CUTEFTP 1.6/1.8 in TREE.DAT
date crack - cracks the date files on time limit software
Dialup Recover - Recovers Lost Dialup password and username
dmonkey wr3nch 1.1 - cracks the passwords saved in dial-up networking
EggDropper - Cracks Eggdroppers on Irc
EUDPASS - Eudora Pro/Lite Password Decoder
Excel Cracker - Decrypt coded Excel-files
fast zip crack 1.06 - it can brute force passwords on zip files or use a word list
Fast ZIP Cracker - version 1.04
Fire FTP - Decrypts CuteFTP cache passwords in Tree.DAT
FlashIt! v1.1 - Macromedia Flash Deprotector - How many times did you think: 'It would be nice to rip a Flash movie from well built website, and use the gFX with my site...'? But when you get the .SWF file, you can't import it in the Flash editor, coz it's protected...
FZC - Fast Zip Cracker Homepage - FZC tries to recover PKZip/WinZip passwords. Plain brute-force, wordlist and template methods supported. Here you will find the latest versions, betas, & benchmarks.
Inventor - cool dictionary maker.
Iomega Zip Disk cracker - Text on how to remove a Zip Disk Password
MinCrack v 1.1 - Minuet Password Cracker
MS Lanman Extract - this program grabs the name of Lanman shares, and decrypts their passwords.
MS Lanman Extract 2 - grabs the share name, directory, full password, readonly password, etc of ms lanman shares. this version also uses an improved decypting function.
MS Office pwd cracker - package was intended for discovering forgotten passwords for files created with programs from the Microsoft Office
Nexus password cracker - The kingdom of the winds (online RPG - Password Cracker
No More Secret Stuff - Unencrypts files protected by Norton's Secret Stuff
PassWD 1.2 - decoder - This program is used to decode the entire file containing passwords, usernames, url`s and more stored in PassWD 1.2 It is based on an exploit posted by Daniel Roethlisberger to BugTraq on June 5th, 2000. His exploit is included in the program for public viewing and for the sake of giving him the credit for the exploit.
Password Crackers, Inc. - password cracking services for a wide variety of applications and files.
Password Recovery - the commercial password recovery software
Password Recovery Software - Commercial password crackers with free trial version for ZIP and ARJ archives; for Access 95/97 databases; for Word 97 and Excel 97 documents; for Windows NT; dictionaries and dictionary generators. (54984 hits)
Password-cracker - for ZIPs and ARJs - links to password recovery tools and makers
POPMail Password Cracker - dos-based popmail cracker
portal local password tools - some features include grabbing cached internet/dialup/aim/icq passwords, a password generator(odd/number/combo randomizing methods), a password unmasker/enumerator, ws_ftp password file decrypter, and some spiffy art.
PW-Gen - Password Generator - by Elf Qrin - An online password generator for people that still use their pet's name as a password
Refiner - used to generate a wordlist containing all possible combinations of a partial password
Revelation - Unmasks masked pw's. Takes off the ****'s.
RipFTP Server - Gets passwords to cached FTP sites for cuteftp
ScrnLock - Windows Screensaver Password Cracker
snitch - turns back the asterisks (*****) in password fields to plaintext passwords.
SQLdict - a dictionary attack tool for SQL Server. It lets you test if the accounts are strong enough to resist an attack or not.
SqlDictionary - Brute Forces SQL servers passwords to test password strength
STACPSWD v 1.02 - Stacker password 3.0-4.0
tetro ftp cracker - good ftp cracker
Trumpet Winsock Cracker - trumpet Winsock v3.0+ ID/PW cracker
Ultimate Paradox CryptoExplorer for Win9X/NT - Paradox/BDE encrypted tables decryptor
Ultra Zip PWC 3.60i - fast and popular zip password cracker. it can crack zip files using brute force, dictionary, or a mixed attack and supports plain text attack
UnExcel - Decrypts Encrypted Microsoft Excel Documents
Word Perfect Cracker - A program that defeats Word Perfect Encryption. DOS
Word97 / Excel 97 cr - Word password 97/8.0 & Excel password 97/8.0 cracker
WPCrack - Word Perfect 4.x and 5.x Password Cracker
YAAC v.096 - ARJ password cracker
ZEXPL2L - PKZIP password cracker