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ipEye - ipEye is a TCP port scanner for Windows 2000 that can do SYN, FIN, Null and Xmas scans.
NMAP - nmap is a utility for port scanning large networks, although it works fine for single hosts
nmapNT - An NT port of best network scanner. All of the functionality found in the Unix version of nmap can now be taken advantage of on Windows NT platforms.
NScan - Fast and flexible portscanner for Windows by Necrosoft with numerous features (host autolookup, host file lists, more and more).
7th Sphere Portscan - stealth portscanner
Asmodeus Security Scanner - fine portscanner - sniffer
Bitchin Threads - fast portscanner
Box Scanner - decent Trojan scanner
Cabral's Domain Scanner - Scans an entire C type network on a range of IP's
Cerberbus Information Scan - A windows NT only Security Scanner
cerberus webscan - console-based exploit scanner
Cgi Superscanner - Tests 97 cgi exploits. Ability to add exploits
chantal scanner - small and lame port scanner / pop3 and ftp bruteforcer / url grinder messager, running under windows
Chronicle - Checks for Service Pack and hotpacks installed
cisco scanner 1.0.2 - scans a range of ips to see if the cisco router's password is left as the default (which is "cisco")
DomainScan - scans a range of ips for any specific port
DomainScan V1.0 - It scans selected ip range and looks for selected port if open. Scan public servers and find lots of backdoors. An essential tool for hackers.
Fireball - Trojan Scanner
FTP Scanner - This program will scan a range of IPs for anonymous FTP access and log them to file. FTP Scanner will save the last IP you scanned so you can continue scanning at another time. Also there is an option to get the host name of the IPs that have anonymous access.
ftp scanner 2.1.48 - scans a range of ftp servers for a given user and password
GateScan20.C - wingate scanner
GM Exploiter - exploit scanner, but you must enter all exploits yourself
Grinder - "Grinds" hosts to see what is running on them
grinder 1.1 - url structure scan, gives server addresses for given url
haktek - old port scan, mailbomb, anti-mailbomb, ip scan, monitor user, and more. uses very cool console-like iface.
Happy Browser - exploit scanner
idlescan - Features:- Target never sees your ip address, - No limit in the number of sensors working in parallel, - Automatic windows increment detection, - Auto-dropping sensors with traffic
idlescan-v0.1-alpha3.tgz - portscanner
IP address scanner - looks for connected computers in any subnetwork
ipEye 1.1 - can do some scans that most windows scanners dont touch, like: SYN, FIN, Xmas, and Null scans
lamescan - simple linux portscanner, upports scanning domains, class A,B,C nets, random scan,multithreaded scan, scanning hostnames as they are typed on stdin,ansi, identd lookups ..source included
Larva - displays NetBIOS info on a range of IP's
Legion - Windows 9*/NT Share scanner cygwin.dll
Local Bind Scan - Local BIND() scan
MassScan 4.17 - port scans class c address rangers, has ability to flood ports.
MNS - Multifunctional Network Scanner - It is an entire classless network auditing and vulnerability logging package comparable to 'nmap' and 'sscan'. It uses the latest methods of stealthing, os detection, and vulnerability checking. A few key features are not yet implemented because they are still being worked on, namely intergrated SMB / NetBios scanning support.
NBTscan - a program for scanning IP networks for NetBIOS name information. It sends NetBIOS status query toeach address in supplied range and lists received information in human readable form. For each responded hostit lists IP address, NetBIOS computer name, logged-in user name and MAC address.
NBTScan 1.0.1 - scans ip networks for NetBIOS info. It grabs the IP address, NetBIOS computer name, logged-in user name, and MAC address for each ip that responds. this .zip is the compiled binaries for windows systems.
Nemesis - port scanner and listener, network monitoring tool
Nessus - plugin-capable security scanner and tester - homepage
Nessus - A security scanner with plugin cabability
Netbus Scanner - Scans a given range of IP's for Netbus
Netbuster - If someone tries to use netbus on you, it reverses it
Netbuster Buster - Reverses the effects of Netbuster
NetSnooper GOLD - Netsnooper official download site includes NetSnooper GOLD exploit scanner, huge trojan library, texts, scanners, tools archive
NS-Batch - allows you to look up host names from range of IP addresses
NTO Scanner - fast TCP/IP port scanner for Windows NT
ogre - scans a class c address range for open services (ftp, http, pop3, telnet, etc), netbios info, network shares, and a few exploits
Ogre - A Windows NT security scanner
Port list - The comprehensive list of all the standard Internet ports. Includes ports used by programs such as trojans and firewalls. Useful to understand the output of port listeners and port scanners.
Port Scanner - allows you to scan a group of IP Addresses looking for the presence of specific incoming TCP/IP ports
Port Scanner 1.0 - port scanner for Windows. It allows you to scan a range of ports on your own computer to see if there is any program waiting for an incoming connection (such as a trojan). It scans can scan the 65535 ports of your computer in less than 2 minutes.
Port Scavenger 3 - 350 ports / second
Port Search 4.0 - fast port scanner
PortScanner - Unix Network Utility especially designed to scan for listening TCP ports. It uses a simple method to achieve its goal, and it is extremely compact taking in account all of the options available.
Rhino9 TCP Tool - connect/disconnect listen/send on using any ports specified by user
Server 2000 - Manages your list of Wingate, proxy, smtp, etc. servers and leave you with lists of servers that are all still alive.
ShareView - Views the Shares on your computer
Showcode - Scans for the Showcode ASP exploit
Site Scan by Rhino9/Intercore - fine site port scanner
SiteScan - scans a server for 12+ common exploits
SMB Scanner - Scans NT machines for shares with no passwords
Spade 1.1 - whois, ip block whois, dig, nslookup, traceroute, smpt verify, smpt relay check, finger, pinger, web browser, web search, web download, keep alive, dns zone transfer usenet cancel check, email header analyzer and more.
Super Scan 2.04 - trojan / port scanner
The CyberKit - Well done multiple query tools.
threaded tcp port scanner 1.1 - by mirage, september 1999
tps.tar.gz - toxyn ping & scan 2.0a
Trojan Hunter - Scans for 52 trojans
Ultimate Broadcast - portscanner with a nice look
uml.tgz - udp-msglogger
VeteScan - VeteScan is a bulk vunerability scanner containing programs to scan Windows NT and UNIX systems for the latest trojans/remote exploits
VoidEye .4 - scans for over 78 exploits (you can add more)
Weakness - ms-dos based vuln scanner that scans servers for about 100 different cgi exploits. includes full c source
WebCheck 1.1 - scans for many exploits, and allows scans for custom exploits
Winfingerprint 2 - utility that can fingerprint OSes via SMB queries, enumerate... servers, shares($ too), global groups, and users; display active services, scan network neighborhood, query registry, and establish a null session
WinGate Scan - Scans class B or C domain type networks
WinGenocide - Small Multithreaded Portscanner
WUPS - Windows UDP Port Scanner - WUPS is an UDP port scanner for Windows. It runs on Windows 95 with WinSock 2.2 added, Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0.
WUPS 1.4 - Windows UDP Port Scanner
X-Forces Portscanner - IP scanner for Windows (65k)
XPort Scan - X forces Portscanner
Yaps - a Windows95/NT intelligent IP port scanner. It can quickly (multithreaded) analyze a single computer or identify all computers on a specified network.
YAPS 1.2 - Yet Another Port Scanner 1.2 - it can: scan a single host by name, scan a range of ip addresses, scan multiple hosts simultaneously, scan a user defined range of ports, identify the web server version and homepage title, identify the dns server version, ftp report with anonymous logon test, report on telnet, nntp, smtp, pop and finger servers, use a user defined timeout, scan smb networks, scan unpriviledged ports etc