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Attack tools & Protection

aggressor - a windows 95 based exploit generator which can emulate spoofed attacks and other system testing tools like Boink, Smurf, Land and other nuke variants
Denial of Service - basic information on tcp/ip attack via internet - patches, explanations..
Agressor Exploit Generator - teardrop / ssping / boink / smurf / land for window 95 plus it can customize TCP/IP packet for personal attack
anti-nuke - it should protects all desired ports from nuke attacks
BlackICE 1.9.21 LE - attacks, and gives you the address of the intruder. idintifies most trojan and exploit attempts by name, gives a full description on it, and gives advice about what to do. it keeps a list of past intruder attempts, and gives the severity. it also graphs attack attempts with seperate lines for critical, suspicious, and traffic. this is only a trial version, it doesnt expire but it is limited in a lot of special features (like ICEcap, being able to ignore attacks, trust addresses, block addresses, change security level, keep an evidence or packet log and more). the full version and more advanced versions for servers, etc can be bought at
boink.c - a modified bonk.c - based on teardrop.c
bonk.c - Crashes *patched* win95/(NT?) machines
click 2.2 - for crashing mirc
Conseal PC Firewall - a popular software firewall. highly customizable, can block any type of connection
CPUHog - Crashes a NT System.
Die3NT - Kills Windows NT Running DNS on Port 53.
divine intervention 3.0 - a popular flooder / nuker
elite - floods, pings, mailbomber, nuker, lookups, quicklaunching etc...
firewall bustah - claims to be able to overload common firewalls
Hang Up Ping - hanging up some modems, using the +++ATH0 exploit
Horus UDP Flooder v 10.2 - advanced UDP Flooder
ICMP Flooder - Pings a computer constantly to slow it own or disconnect it (24kb)
ICMP Ping Flood - fast, stable pinging program. specify; target ip, packet size, packet amount, and local timeout.
IGMP Echo Bomber - IGMP echo bombing utility; simply specify the host, port, packet size, and amount to send. works quickly and has a nice gui.
IGMP Nuke - modification of Win98 killer - KissOfDeath, running under Windows
Impertinence / Securi-Net - various aspects of TCP/IP attacks, mail bombing, spamming.. information and utilities, how can the user defend himself
internet security page - netbus protection, backorifice, nukes, oob, teardrop protection, icq tools - available screenshots - in german
Joltpingear22 patch - patches up problems with teardrop2 and jolt
Kiss Of Death - the Win98 killer, compiles under Linux/Unix
krate - fast port bomber which scans for open ports and bombs them
Lame ! - a program or a gag to put in people computer it will start a lot of command shell until their computer crashes
linux-icmp.c - dos against some of linux 2.2.x kernels
Meliksah Nuke 2.5 - nuke, master nuke, firewall kills
misfrag.c - crashes operating systems: Windows NT4 / Win95 / Win98
Misoskian's Packet Builder 0.6b - allows you to build your own packets. you enter a source of the packet to spoof, the target, amoun of packets to send, data to send, and extra things like syn, ack, fin, urg, etc.
moyari13.c - Windows 98's TCP/IP stack chokes on ICMP-Type13
Muerte - a good nuker, but in spanish
nestea.c - This exploits the "off by one ip header" bug in the linux ip frag code.
newtear.c - Seemingly, a new teardrop type exploit. Affects NT4, and Win95.
NTHunter 2.0 - NTHunter is a program that contains several d.o.s atacks against NT servers. There are lots of variatons of this program. But I wrote it, cause it includes real OOB atack to 135 port & "coke". Some programs do not send oob-atack to 135, just try to flood this port.
nuke 2.3 - decent nuker
nuke nabber 2.9 - listens on up to 50 common ports for nuke and similar attacks. gives you all kinds of ifnfo on the attacker, even their irc nick (if they are using mIRC, VIRC, or Pirch)
NukeNabber - monitoring tool for MS Windows' used ports, which are often attacked
OOB guard patch - patches the problem with OOB
OOBNuke 1.3 - Basic OOBNuke program which you can also use to flood. Effective againts WinNTs and vanilla windoze boxes.
opentear.c - modified newtear.c - sends lots of fragmented UDP packets, crashes OpenBSD 2.3 and 2.4.
PacketBuilder V0.6 BETA - This is a prerelase of a TCP packet builder. You can use it for syn flood, suffer and land atacks.
papasmurf.c - icmp flood
pentium_bug.c - If you execute F0 0F C7 C8 on a P5 it will lock the machine up.
Pepsi - a UDP port flooder - modem disconnector for windows
pingflood.c - allows non-root users to 'ping flood' - GUI version of pinger
port blocker patch - blocks desired ports
PortFuck 1.0b2 - Opens a huge number of connections to a port o jam it up/kill it (7kb)
PortWiz - SYN flood, TCP flood, port scan
Rebellion's Udp Flooder v 1.5 - advanced UDP flooder
remote attack suite - 5 different dos attack methods
rfpoison.c - Kills services.exe on NT boxen, which breaks a lot of stuff
Rocket - disconnects most of US Robotics modem's connections
Rocket V1.0 - Another +++ATH0 modem atack. A new fun for users who has modems with escape code guard. If your modem does support (all quality modems supports) escape code guard you can use this program else wait for next version with defence feature. If it's successful, this atack will cause disconnection of the target modem.
shockwave 1.1 - sends random data to random ports on a host
Skyper - IGMP nuker
ssping patch - patches the problem with SSping
Toxyn TCP nuker 1.2c - by pmsac, 1997
Toxyn TCP nuker 2.0b - by pmsac, 1997
trash.c - Simple denial of service attack against Windows98/95/2000/NT Machines - Overview: sends random, spoofed, ICMP packets with randomly choosen ICMP error codes.
trash2.c - Complex denial of service attack against Windows98/95/2000/NT Machines - Overview: sends random, spoofed, ICMP/IGMP packets with random spoof source
UDP Flooder - Sends connectionless UDP packets (20kb)
UDP2 10.7 - udp flooder
vai-te ja 2.01 - a nuke detector, a nuker, an icmp bomber, and a oob nuker
win nuke 4.0 - win nuker
win smurf - uses broadcasted ips to attack a target quickly while spoofing. for a list of broadcast amplifiers goto
WinGate Kill - Allows you to kill a Wingate server.
winnuke patch - this patch protects you from some nukes
winsock update - protects you from a majority of d.o.s. attacks
ZoneAlarm 1.8.1 - on of the best tools to monitor outgoing internet traffic. it shows all programs trying to use the internet on your computer, allows you to stop them from doing so, etc. shows complete information on how much information (in bytes) was sent by what program...
ZoneAlarm 2.12.5 - popular outgoing traffic firewall. features in new version : mailsafe protection which allows you to quarantine e-mail script attachments, the ability to customize local and internet security levels, a cleaner and simplier interface...