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AllHack - h/p/c archive, chat
Anarchy Playground - drugs, anarchy, weapons... don't do this at home
AntiCode - the archive of exploits and utilities
Archive of hacked websites - Huge archive with all the classic hack ones.
AuXNeT - dutch security page for NT and Linux
bitbreaker - h/p/c archives
Blackcode - archive of files, info, docs
BlackNemesis Security - security and hacking information, tutorials and tools
brainstorm - security tool and tutorials archive
Brokenrules - decent selection of crackers, trojans, text files, phreaking items, and many more item
Caleb15 - denial of service, trojans, nukes and the protection against all that, unix/linux info files.
censorefreeworld - P/H/A/C/V... government documents, etc.
CrUX / ICT - the archive of security tutorials, phreaking, data, links, privacy stuff and security ethics
Cult of the Dark - german only site, news, RFCs, tutorials
Cult Of The Dead Bunnies - phreaking and hacking text archive
Cyber-Comm - Hacks, Phreaks, Anarchy, Viri archive site
Cyber-strike - h/p/c/v archives
Cyberarmy Search - many cathegorised links to h/p/v/c/a sites
Cyberbase7 - security file repository, tools and current news
CyberCrew - decent german-only site, docs, papers, tutorials
CyRebels - archive of text files on h/p, unix, security
Darkside VX - The Austrian Virii Page. Magazines, Tutorials, VCLs, Polymorphic Engines, Virii Collections... (English/German) - security tools archives, mainly proxy related
Digital Information Society - news, pics, downloads, virii archives
Digital Overdrive - Hacking, phreaking, computer security and Phone Losers of America - Florida resources and archives.
DuckTank - exploits ftp archive, scanners and sniffers
Elf Qrin's Hacking Lab for KiDs - Hacking and not-so-hacking related material (articles, games, tools) suitable for children.
Embryonic Project - browse engine - search
Embryonic Project [Security source] - exploits, books, faqs
ERROR 403 : forbidden - tools, exploits, docs archives
Eternal Damnation Net - Underground news, Exploits, Security info, Programming, Text library's, Source Codes.
Exploit X - database of exploits and tools
Fairlight - "When Dreams Come True" - Historical C64 cracking group.
Free NNTP newsservers list - Collection of free news servers that may carry newsgroups not supported by your ISP's NNTP server.
gluf - groupe H/P/V/C franšais - french group, archive
Goony's - links & resources hackers archives - gallery of hacked sites that is mirrored
Hack UK - all-stuff file archives
HackHour - brasil security site
hackhouse - hacking tools, exploits, reviews - h/p texts, utilities - CGI scanners, Message board, Progs including AIM, Crackers, Exploit Scanners, Scanners, ICQ, Texts, Password Programs, Trojans, Email, Encryption, Nukers, Misc, Virii, Worms, Word Lists
hell^hackerz - hacking text files and essential tools, forum board
Hinac - the articles on NT and Novell security
HotMan's cave - small archive of exploits and tools
Itris - the archive of h/p text files and documents, also alot of the dutch language speaking material
Kingdom Of Mental Disturbance - various tools, a library, a link page
Lady Sharrows Playground - Information on Virus, NT, UNIX, Programming, Encryption, Internet, Security, VAX-VMS, Boxing, Phreaking, Satellite and Cable, Hacking, Jargon File, Maximum Security and a massive growing Library
leetmofos - exploits, tools, AIM...
leetmofos - aol and aim tools, cracking tools, icq tools - aim&aol tools, phreaking, downloads
LiquidMatrix - white papers, docs, tips
Lockless - tools archives, docs
Log In Club - german-only H/P/C and Security archives
Lyrikal - archives in directories for crypto, security, trojans, icq/irc ...
Master Spooky - german and english text archives
Millenium - tools and misc archive
Morgana's hack - sendmail bug / utils and security archives
Nighshade - some basic facts about security
NightBird - french - only exploits and news database
nitr0gear security labs - rusian-only security related archives and news
packetloss - searchable security archive
paybackproductions - tools, exploits, sniffers, cloakers ....
phase-one - tools archives, rainbow books
portal security - large program archives and information library
Progenic Warfare - Cracking Engines, Libraries, ICQ Security, Mail Bombers, Protection, Source Code Snippets, Trojans
ProHack - [french lang. only] french site with security utilities and programs
Redmage - learn about H/C, security, a file archive with rich descriptions
Remoteroot - security site containing among other things : Exploits, Guides, Tutorials, Vulnerabilities, Proxies
Roughneck Network System - Hacking Tools, ICQ Tools, Tutorials, Trojans, Serialz, Specials, Help, Information, Board
Ruthless Hacking Crew - hacking tool, tutorials on UNIX, programming languages such as C/C++, VB, perl, assembly, general information, hacking competition with great prizes, and basically a good site - chinese security portal site
secure cybercommunications inc. - security files and news
Secure Lab - news & links
SecuredOnline - trojans, cleaners, downloads
Security Espionage Community - NT hacking, ISS hacking, papers about security, exploits
Security-network - exploits and tools archive - Directory of security related articles and tools (in Italian)
Security/Elf.Net - vulnerabilities and programs archives
Seguranca BrasIRC - informations about Windows/UNIX exploits, with patches
Shadow Sequence - firewalls, tools list with descriptions
Sinners Gate - textfiles / c-scripts / security archives
Skydomain - fine archive of tools and docs
Smithklan - archives on ICQ, IRC, portscanners and trojans
south bend hackers club - links related to security - german only site - viruses, security info, archives, news, tips, tools
The Flammable Pheces - information on a variety of subjects and OS
the fray - links to security related stuff for major operating systems
The Infected Brains - archive of security related docs, tools, info
The Intrusion - online readings, info
The Ressistance - the archive of hacked websites with a political context - archive of tools, misc
Tomsdomain - cable tv, explosives, h/p/v downloads
Turbulance Security - file archives, forum, tools
TwwSecurity - huge archive of virri, icq tools...
Uhack - the archive of tools like for icq, virii, nukers etc.
vaccine - small but decent archive of carefully chosen utils
Valvoline Security - security and hacking information, tutorials and tools, phreaking and trojans
Vanhackez - security archives
Vidhacker - archive, tools
Viper'z Homebase - archive of security related software for major OS'es
Virtual Murder - hacking texts and files
WarMaster - a lot of attack tools and utils
Webfringe - free list of top h-p-c-v sites, the file archives
Wooey's - the archive of various security utils and texts
Worldhack - German-only page with lot of downloads - german Tutorials page about hacking, cracking, phreaking, virii, trojans and security related stuff